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【澳门亚美】龙蟒组合重出江湖 全锦赛上演“姜还是老的辣”

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   Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun are ranked first in the men's doubles world, but in this championship, the two are only the No. 3 seeds, and the top seed is Ma Long/Xu Xin. Although the latter has had little cooperation in the past two years and is not ranked high in the world, it has an impressive record of 19 wins and 2 losses in the international arena, and one of the losses was due to injury. Just in March of this year, the two also won the Qatar Open.


   In this championship, the "Dragon Mang" combination re-emerged and passed all the way to the finals. Facing the impact of younger generations, Ma Long and Xu Xin believe that tacit understanding is their greatest advantage. Xu Xin said that the young team mainly "plays quality", and that they and their partners "play convergence". Balancing the pros and cons and restricting opponents is the key to victory. Malone is also not convinced by the old, bluntly "the goal is to win every game."


   On the evening of the 9th, the two opponents were Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun, the representatives of the national table tennis "Mesozoic". They eliminated No. 2 seeds Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin in the semifinals, and they were in very good shape. Ma Long/Xu Xin fell behind in the opening game. Although they were stubbornly catching up, they still lost the first game 8-11. In the second round, Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun once again had the upper hand. Malone/Xu Xin actively mobilized, stubbornly saved two game points, won a 15-13 win and got one point.

9月9日晚,两个对手分别是国家乒乓球“中生代”的代表林高元/梁景坤。他们在半决赛中淘汰了2号种子范振东/王楚琴,他们的状态非常好。马龙/徐欣在首场比赛中落后。尽管他们固执地追赶,他们仍然以8-11输掉了第一场比赛。在第二轮中,林高远/梁静坤再次占据上风。 Malone / Xu Xin积极动员,顽固地保存了2个游戏点,赢得了15-13的胜利并获得了1分。

   In the third game, the two sides fought fiercely, and the score rose alternately. Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun once again took the lead to get the game points 10 to 8, but they were all resolved by the "Long Mang" combination, and they went back 14 to 12. After repeated missed opportunities, Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun lost their momentum and made more mistakes. Malone/Xu Xin is getting better, winning two consecutive games 11 to 3, reversing the opponent with a total score of 4-1, and won the men's doubles championship in this championship.


   Women's singles top two seeds Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha's duel have attracted much attention. Both are strong contenders for the Tokyo Olympics "ticket", and there is currently no singles world champion in hand. In the World Cup to be held in Weihai in November, the two will represent the Chinese team. Whoever wins will add an important weight to knocking on the door of the Olympic Games. This time the two met in the final of the championship, which can be regarded as a preview before the World Cup.


   In August's national table tennis Olympic simulation match, Chen Meng was in a downturn. First, another rookie representative Wang Manyu blocked the finals, and then lost to the non-main player Wang Yidi in the bronze medal competition. Sun Yingsha shined, winning three gold medals including singles. In the previous full championship team competition, the "Little Devil" also led the Hebei team to win the championship with an undefeated record, which can be described as full of momentum.


   However, Chen Meng's performance in this women's singles competition also did not lose the title of "World No. 1". In the semi-finals, she shot Wang Manyu down 4-0 and reported her revenge in the simulation. On the evening of the 9th, facing Sun Yingsha, who was aiming to win the championship, Chen Meng opened the game like a smash, winning two games 11-2, 11-7.

然而,陈萌在这项女子单打比赛中的表现也没有失去“世界第一”的头衔。在半决赛中,她以4-0击败了王曼玉,并在模拟中报仇。 9月的晚上,面对想要夺冠的孙英莎,陈梦像红极一时一样打开了比赛,分别以11-2、11-7赢得了两场比赛。

   In the third game, the two sides were very cautious in their shots. The single game lasted more than 10 minutes. The game method stipulates that the serving side must score within 13 rounds, otherwise the referee will directly award the receiver to the server. In the referee's loud counting sound, Chen Meng showed a stronger psychological quality, scoring 4 points in a row when lagging behind 8 to 10, reversing and winning the key game.


   Then Yingsha Sun gradually stabilized her position, but it was too late. After missing two match points, Chen Meng scored another victory 11 to 9 and reached the highest podium in the championship for the first time.






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