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Tomorrow morning, the 20-21 UEFA Champions League will continue to have many competitions. Many giants including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Inter Milan, etc. have played, and the strong dialogue between Bayern and Atletico is another one not to be missed. A night full of passion, everyone rushed to the duck!


Except for the first round of the league against Getafe, which was delayed for some reason, Real Madrid remained unbeaten in the 2-5 rounds with 3 wins and 1 draw. However, in the last round against the newly promoted Cadiz, Real Madrid’s sluggish performance at both ends of the offense and defense has been infinitely magnified. In fact, from the beginning of the league to the present, Real Madrid has not shown the reigning performance of the defending champion. Judging from the current situation, many The main player's injury has a great impact on Real Madrid. Although Ramos did not enter the squad due to injury, for Real Madrid from the previous record, Real Madrid has never lost at home to the Ukrainian team. In the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League group stage, Real Madrid Had a 4-0 victory over the miners.


The two teams are in good shape recently. The Salzburg Red Bull has not yet failed in the new season. It has remained unbeaten for 8 consecutive games in all competitions. What is even more terrifying is that a total of 35 goals were scored in these 8 games. Sen-Daka has scored 11 goals in 7 appearances.


Lokomotiv Moscow also remained undefeated in nearly 6 games. Although the offensive ability is not as good as Red Bull, the team only conceded 3 goals in 6 games on the defensive end. In the Russian Super League, it also ranked first with 7 goals in 11 games. Zenit tied for the fewest goals. This game can be described as a spear and shield battle. The two teams are in the same group as Bayern and Atletico. If they want to make a breakthrough, both sides need to play in two rounds with each other in the group stage. Get more points.


In the last round against Naples, Atlanta suffered its first defeat of the season. However, judging from the performance of the first few rounds of the league, the efficient offensive efficiency of last season has continued. After the introduction of Passaric and Milan Chuk, the team has The offensive end options are also more abundant, and the return of the team’s top star Ilicic last season is also good news for Atlanta. If he can regain the hot performance of last season, Atlanta will be very hopeful to compete with Ajax. The second qualifying position in the group, and China and Jutland in the group can only play the role of accompany the prince to study.

在与那不勒斯的最后一轮比赛中,亚特兰大遭遇了本赛季的首次失利。但是,从联赛前几轮的表现来看,上赛季的高效进攻效率仍在继续。在引进Passaric和Milan Chuk之后,球队的进攻端选择也更加丰富,上赛季顶级球星Ilicic的回归对于亚特兰大也是个好消息。如果他能恢复上赛季的出色表现,亚特兰大将非常有希望与阿贾克斯竞争。小组中的第二个排位赛职位,而中国和日德兰半岛只能扮演王子的陪伴角澳门亚美色。

Liverpool have gone through the devil's schedule in the past month and have played against Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton. Liverpool's performance has also been ups and downs. In the past 7 games, they have achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. He scored 20 goals, but also lost 17 on the defensive end. After experiencing the Merseyside Derby with Everton, the team's injury list added the main central defender Van Dyke, which undoubtedly made Ben not. The wealthy Liverpool defense made the situation worse.


At present, many players in the Liverpool team, including Van Dijk, Chamberlain, Alisson and Matip, have been injured by injuries. On the other hand, in terms of Ajax, although the lineup is not as strong as the quarter-finals of the Champions League, this campaign is home to Liverpool, which is full of injuries, and Jia Fu, who is in good shape recently, has a chance to score points in the Premier League champion.


Inter Milan has introduced a number of experienced veterans this season, enriching the depth of the bench lineup, but from the first few league games, it seems that the run-in has not yet reached the best. In the just-concluded Milan derby, it was the first time in the same city for the city’s rivals. To win again on himself, of course, in addition to running-in, injuries are also an important factor hindering the progress of the Nerazzurri. At present, there are still many main players in the team who have not fully recovered from the new crown disease. But Borussia also has a relatively long list of injuries. In this campaign, Inter Milan sits at home and has the advantage of the paper lineup. However, whether Inter Milan's defense can withstand the offensive firepower of Borussia is also debatable.


Both sides have performed well in the recent rounds of their respective leagues. Olympiacos has remained unbeaten for 8 consecutive games in all competitions. Marseille has also maintained after losing 0-2 to Saint-Etienne in the first round of Ligue 1 With an unbeaten record of 1 win and 3 draws, neither team currently has a major player in injury. From the perspective of the grouping situation, in this group, except for Manchester City, Porto, Olympiacos, and Lyon have no obvious advantages to lock the second place in the group qualifying, so the direct dialogue between the three teams will become an important weight to influence the group qualifying trend. Yards, the two teams didn't meet much in the European war. I believe this game will be a close battle.


Manchester City had a poor start to the Premier League this season and is currently only 11th in the standings. However, after losing 2-5 to Leicester City, Manchester City's form in October rebounded and achieved an unbeaten record. 0 Ricked Arsenal. Although there are major players including Jesus, De Bruyne, Mendy and other players who will continue to be injured, when facing the other three teams in the same group in the Champions League, Manchester City's overall advantage is still more obvious. It is not a problem to qualify. , How to break into the lineup as soon as possible after the return of the main players and regain a favorable position in the league will be a big problem for Guardiola later.

曼城本赛季的英超联赛开局不澳门亚美官方平台佳,目前在积分榜上仅排在第11位。然而,在以2-5输给莱斯特城之后,曼城在10月份的状态有所反弹并取得了不败纪录。 0里克阿森纳。尽管有主要的球员,包括耶稣,德布鲁因,门迪和其他将继续受伤的球员,但是当面对冠军联赛中同一组的其他三支球队时,曼城的整体优势仍然更加明显。晋级不是问题。 ,在瓜迪奥拉以后,如何在主力球员回归后尽快进入阵容并重新获得联盟中的有利位置将是一个大问题。

This game will be the focus of this round. After the unexpected loss to Hoffenheim in the league, Bayern adjusted its state in time to usher in a wave of four consecutive victories. The team's offensive firepower remained the same, but the defense lost 4 games. The performance of 6 goals is not satisfactory, and Atletico Madrid have remained unbeaten in recent games, and only conceded 1 goal in 4 games, continuing the iron-blood defense of Atletico Madrid.

这场比赛将是本轮比赛的重点。在联赛意外失利给霍芬海姆之后,拜仁及时调整了状态以迎接四连胜。球队的进攻火力保持不变,但是防守输了4场比赛。 6个进球的表现并不令人满意,马德里竞技在最近的比赛中保持不败,仅在4场比赛中失球1个,继续了马德里竞技的铁血防守。

Both sides of the game have main players unable to play, and Bayern Gnabry tested positive for the new crown and isolated at home. Atletico Costa and Saúl will be absent, but Suarez, who has just joined the team this season, has integrated very quickly, scoring 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games. In recent seasons, the two teams have met four times and won two of them each. In the 2016 UEFA Champions League semi-finals, Atletico also eliminated the Bundesliga giants by virtue of away goals. This time the two teams will meet again. Fans dedicate a wonderful match against Maimang.


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