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As the opening game of the finals, which game will the league arrange as the start? The "national derby" couldn't be more appropriate. On the one hand, the two teams' grievances, and on the other hand, because the two teams once represented the highest level of Korean football. On September 26, Suwon ushered in Seoul's "third challenge" at home. In this game, Suwon coach Park Jian-ha put Tagat and Han Seo-hee in the starting lineup. On the back line, 300-game veteran Liang Sang-min also got the chance to appear; Seoul was upgraded due to the conflict between acting coach Kim Ho-young and the club. Resigned, so the lineup of Seoul basically maintained the previous lineup in this game, with veteran Park Ju-young leading the front line. Since 2015, Seoul has not lost to Suwon at the league level, and they naturally hope to continue such good results.

作为总决赛的首场比赛,联盟将首先安排哪一场比赛? “国家德比”再合适不过了。一方面,两支球队的不满,另一方面,因为两支球队曾经代表了韩国足球的最高水平。 9月26日,水原在家里迎来了首尔的“第三次挑战”。在这场比赛中,水原队教练朴建厦将Tagat和Han Seo-hee列为首发阵容。在后排,有300名比赛的老将梁相敏也有机会出现。由于代理教练金荷英和俱乐部之间的冲突,首尔获得了升级。辞职后,首尔的阵容基本保持了本场比赛的前一个阵容,而老将朴柱英则领先一线。自2015年以来,首尔在联赛一级没有输给水原,他们自然希望继续取得如此出色的成绩。

On the afternoon of September 27th, local time in South Korea, the first round of the relegation division of the Korean Football K1 League in the 2020 season began to compete. As Suwon Samsung Blue Wings' victory the day before brought crisis to Busan and Gangwon, both teams hope to win their opponents at home in this game. Busan's general Lee Ting-hye returned to serve as the single arrow, while foreign aid Romulo was not included in the list due to injuries, and his position was replaced by Kim Seung Joon. On the Gangwon side, all the main players including Kim Ji-hyun, Go Moo Yeol, and Korea Young, except for the injured Zhao Jae-play and the red card suspended Kim Young-bin, played. For Gangwon, who is weak in defense, every game is a severe test for them.


At halftime, the two sides had offense and defense, but the score was still 0-0.


Gangwon took the lead in breaking the deadlock in the second half. In the 51st minute, Shin Sekai passed the ball to South Korea Young from the center. South Korea Rong passed the ball straight to Go Moore, who faced the goalkeeper and hit the goal directly. Gangwon led 1-0 away.

江原在下半场率先打破僵局。在第51分钟,申世凯将球从中锋传给了韩国青年。韩国Rong将球直接传给Go Moore,后者面对门将并直接射门得分。江原1-0领先。

On the afternoon of September 27th, local time in South Korea, the first round of the relegation division of the Korean Football K1 League in the 2020 season began to compete. Seongnam's home game against Incheon was a 6-point battle. Since the snow hid seven main players in the middle of the week, Seongnam sent all the main players to the game and used 352 tactics to try to win the opponent at home. As Suwon won the "national derby" yesterday, the pressure on Incheon suddenly increased. They also sent a 352 formation for this battle. Mugosa returned to the starting lineup and partnered with Aguilar, and was also the main force in the south of the city. . The attitude of both sides in this game was very serious, and it also made the game look good.

9月27日下午,韩国当地时间,韩国足球K1联赛2020赛季降级师的第一轮比赛开始。城南队与仁川队的主场比赛是6分之战。自从本周中旬积雪掩盖了七个主要玩家后,城南将所有主要玩家送入了比赛,并使用352种策略尝试在主场取胜。水原昨天赢得了“国家德比”,对仁川的压力突然增加。他们还派出352编队参加这场战斗。穆加萨(Mugosa)返回首发阵容并与阿吉拉尔(Aguilar)合作,也是该市南部的主要力量。 。双方在这场比赛中的态度都非常认真,这也使比赛看起来不错。

In the second half, Seongnam, who was behind by 2 goals, began to fight back. This also gave Incheon enough chances to counterattack. In the 52nd minute, Mugosa's shot hit the goal post and Chengnan escaped.


On the afternoon of September 27th, local time in South Korea, the 2020 season Korean football K1 league championship competition began. Sangmu Sangju, who has been relegated in advance, is facing the challenge of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Sangmu has beaten Jeonbuk 1-0 at home this season, so Jeonbuk also hopes to complete his revenge away. For Shangwu, they have no pressure on their results, but hope to play good results to return the trust of the fans. Therefore, in this game, Sangju Sangmu came on the bench, and Gao Mingxi, Woo Joo Sung and U22 goalkeeper Park Zhimin appeared on the stage. From the starting point of view, at least the main force of Jeonbuk should be optimistic.

9月27日下午,韩国当地时间,2020赛季韩国足球K1联赛冠军赛开始。提前降级的Sangmu Sangju面临着全北现代汽车的挑战。尚武本赛季在家中以1-0击败全北,因此全北也希望完成复仇。对于尚武来说,他们对自己的成绩没有压力,但希望打出好成绩来回报球迷的信任。因此,在本场比赛中,桑菊桑姆坐在板凳上,高明喜,吴如成和U22守门员朴志敏出现在舞台上。从一开始的观点来看,至少全北的主要力量应该是乐观的。

The easy side fights again, Jeonbuk continues to waste opportunities endlessly. In the 63rd minute, Cao Guicheng shot the ball unattended.


On the afternoon of September 27th, local time in South Korea, the 2020 season Korean football K1 league championship competition began. In midweek, Ulsan Hyundai, who was promoted with a 120-minute penalty kick in the FA Cup, went away to face Daegu FC. For Ulsan Hyundai, who ranked first in the standings, Daegu was the opponent they had to beat. In the last match, Ulsan drew with Daegu 1-1, and Jeonbuk was also close to the points. Therefore, despite their fatigue in the Midweek Football Association Cup, they still do their best to play. The Daegu FC at home also put on a corresponding posture, except for Edgar, who rested due to injury, the rest of the players are the main players. As Sangju Sangmu advances to the top four, there is a chance for the top five to qualify for the AFC Champions League. Daegu is also fighting for his own destiny.

9月27日下午,韩国当地时间,2020赛季韩国足球K1联赛冠军赛开始。在周三中,在足总杯中以120分钟罚球被晋升的蔚山现代,离开了面对大邱足球俱乐部。对于排名第一的蔚山现代来说,大邱是他们必须击败的对手。在最后一场比赛中,蔚山与大邱1-1并列,全北也接近了积分。因此,尽管他们在周中足协杯上感到疲倦,但他们仍然尽力发挥。大邱足球俱乐部在主场也摆出了相应的姿势,除了埃德加因受伤休息外,其余球员都是主要球员。随着Sangju Sangmu进入前四名,前五名将有机会获得亚冠联赛冠军。大邱也在为自己的命运而战。

On the evening of September 27th, local time in South Korea, the final match of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League Championship Division was staged in Pohang. As the Pohang Ironman missed the FA Cup in midweek, they also pinned their hopes of entering the AFC Champions League on the third in the league. In the game against Gwangju FC, except for the injured player and Palacios, who was not physically fit, the rest of the main players all appeared. The Gwangju side was uncharacteristically, sending Felipe and Urena's double foreign aid center combination in the starting lineup, and Wei Li'an and Yan Yuan also all appeared on the stage. The attitude of the two sides from the beginning with all the main players on the field also shows that absolutely no one is willing to send three points in this game.


DF: Jin Minyou (Shuiyuan), Lin Caimin (Jiangyuan), Hong Zhenghao (Quanbei), Jin taihuan (Weishan)

DF: jin min有 (S会员), Linc爱民 (Jiang元), hong Z衡好 (Q UA N倍), jin太换 (Wei山)

MF: Kim Dohyun (Incheon), Parosevic (Pohang), Park Henbin (Daegu)


FW: tagat (Shuiyuan), iluchenko (poshang), mugosa (Incheon)

FW: 他噶他 (S会员), I勠Chen KO (坡上), 目光哦撒 (in车on)

Weishan modern vs Shangzhou Shangwu (17:00, Wenshu stadium, Weishan)

Wei山modern VSS杭州shang无 (17:00, wen数stadium, Wei山)

10.03 (Saturday)


Gwangju FC VS Daegu FC (16:30, Gwangju dedicated stadium)

光州FC VS大邱FC(光州专用体育场16:30)

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motor VS Pohang Triathlon (19:00, Jeonju World Cup Stadium)


10.04 (Sunday)


Gangwon FC VS Seongnam FC (14:00, Gangneung Sports Complex)


FC Seoul VS Busan IPark (16:30, Seoul World Cup Stadium)


Incheon United VS Suwon Samsung Blue Wing (19:00, Incheon Dedicated Stadium)


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