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The National Day holiday is coming to an end. How are you doing? Have you played mahjong? Mahjong, a traditional Chinese game, is also very popular in Italy, especially in the coastal city of Ravenna in Emilia-Romagna, where you can almost see the Chinese-style scene of Mahjong all over the city.


Don't be surprised if you hear someone shouting "Drago" and "Bianca", it means "and". There are private Mahjong tournaments in Italy, just follow the "Ravenna play". Drago was originally a dragon-head monster in Greek mythology, the etymology of Chinese dragon (Dragone).

如果您听到有人喊“ Drago”和“ Bianca”,请不要感到惊讶,它的意思是“ and”。在意大利有私人麻将比赛,只需跟随“拉文纳比赛”即可。德拉戈最初是希腊神话(中国龙(德拉贡)的词源)中的龙头怪物。

Ravenna is the second largest city in Italy by area, second only to the capital Rome, with a population of 158,000. Dante, the pioneer of the Renaissance, died in this place. Interesting, how did Mahjong spread here? Why is there a story for fun?


Let's start with an Italian movie. "Il Drago Di Romagna (Romagna Peace)" co-produced by Chinese and Italian companies. The Chinese translation is "Mahjong in Boots". The boots refer to the shape of Italy. The director and starring actors are all from Ravenna, and the materials and shooting are all here.


A not-so-Chinese film, half-documentary and half-featured. It tells the daily life of a retired Italian grandmother named Luisa. She loves cooking and playing mahjong. Aiwu and Wu explore the Chinese mahjong culture and dream of coming to China and Chinese people. The course of "struggle". Her daughter (the film’s first-person narrator) firmly opposed, but with the help of her grandchildren and a group of second-generation Chinese immigrants, the grandmother learned Chinese and achieved her wish. One person condenses a Mahjong group in Ravenna.

一部不太中文的电影,半纪录片和半特征。它讲述了一个退休的澳门亚美官方平台意大利祖母路易莎(Luisa)的日常生活。她喜欢烹饪和打麻将。爱物和吴探寻中国麻将文化,梦想着来到中国和中国人民。 “奋斗”历程。她的女儿(电影的第一人称叙述者)坚决反对,但在孙子澳门亚美官方平台孙女和第二代华裔移民的帮助下,祖母学习了汉语并实现了她的愿望。一个人在拉韦纳(Ravenna)聚集了一个麻将小组。

The second-generation Chinese immigrants were born and grew up in Italy and were completely Italianized. Many teenagers did not know about mahjong. Instead, this old grandma taught them and developed them into mahjong friends, turning their grandson’s video game partners into poker friends. The Italians taught the Chinese to play Mahjong plots, which had a strong impact.


The film is the first Italian movie with Chinese subtitles to be screened in Italian theaters. It premiered on January 27th this year on the third day of the Lunar New Year. It aroused a strong response in the Chinese community in Apennines and also triggered Italian public opinion on the game of Mahjong. The journey of exploration, "Chinese things are interesting, attractive and universal."


Mahjong entered Italy at the beginning of the 20th century from the city of Ravenna. Some media even stated that they entered Ravenna in 1923. "We have played mahjong for nearly a hundred years." A group of top craftsmen who make mahjong tiles have emerged in Ravenna. Vavasori is a master, and the traditional Chinese characters carved are very vivid, just like Chinese mahjong.


There are two opinions about how it was introduced and when it entered Ravenna: one is cultural exchanges, saying that Chinese shipping merchants brought this thing over and gathered together in the port during their leisure time. There were also some small Chinese merchants in Ravenna. The Italians found it to be sold along the street. They collected it first, then were curious, and slowly studied. The second argument is that the Italian government sent troops to China to help the Qing government suppress the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement. These soldiers brought mahjong when they returned to China. "During World War II, no one played it anymore, but then it flourished in Ravenna. The Chinese slang is called "Second Spring." Nowadays, people are also playing online games." The Evening Post wrote in a very Chinese style.

关于它的引入方式以及它何时进入拉文纳,有两种看法:一种是文化交流,说中国的船商在闲暇时把这件事带到了港口,并聚集在一起。拉韦纳(Ravenna)也有一些中国小商人。意大利人发现它是在街上出售的。他们先收集它,然后好奇,然后慢慢研究。第二个论点是意大利政府派兵到中国,以帮助清政府镇压太平天国运动。这些士兵回到中国后带来了麻将。 “在第二次世界大战期间,没有人再玩了,但后来在拉文纳盛行。中国的语被称为“第二春”。如今,人们也在玩网络游戏。”晚报以非常中国的风格写作。

Director La Martina is filming. The director is not well-known, and a film participated in the 2017 Toronto Film Festival. The Chinese participant Micromedia Communication Italy, the first media company that Chinese care about was founded by a businessman surnamed Jiang from Zhejiang, born in 1994.

导演拉玛蒂娜(La Martina)正在拍摄。导演并不知名,电影参加了2017年多伦多电影节。中国的参与者意大利微媒体传播公司是中国人关心的第一家媒体公司,由来自浙江的姓江的商人创立于1994年。

You can play games, but don’t gamble, it’s illegal! In Prato, the first Chinese gathering place in Italy, financial police investigate and deal with cases of Chinese mahjong gambling every year. Three days ago, they confiscated 17,000 euros in cash and prosecuted the gambler. What Italians call "technological mahjong" is an automatic mahjong machine. There are many things on the streets of China, and Italians look quite fresh.


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