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Recently, Shandong Luneng Taishan has been controversial and fined several times in the Super League, which has also caused heated discussions. In this regard, "Red Star News" interviewed an authoritative person in the refereeing circle to comment on this series of penalties.


The header that Fellaini scored in the match against Hebei Huaxia Fortune was compared with his goal in the World Cup by netizens. In this regard, the authoritative person said: “In fact, these two goals are not the same. Fellaini’s arm did touch the opponent’s defender’s body during the take-off challenge with China Fortune. The World Cup goal, Felay Nico hit the ball first, and then knocked down the Japanese defender because of inertia."

网民比较了费拉尼在对河北华夏财富的比赛中得分的头球和他在世界杯上的进球。对此,权威人士说:“实际上,这两个目标并不相同。 Fellaini的手臂在与《中国财富》的起飞挑战中确实触碰到对方后卫的身体。世界杯进球,菲莱·尼科(Felay Nico)首先打球,然后由于惯性击倒了日本后卫。”

The outside world agrees that the ball is a good one, and there is news that the Chinese Football Association has the same view. In this regard, the referee authority said: "Since it is a disputed penalty, it must be because the ball is disputed. For this penalty, different referees will make different decisions, depending on where each person is standing at the time, From the perspective of observation, the decisions made may be different. Some referees may think that Fellaini’s physical contact is not enough to affect the China Fortune defender's top goal, so the penalty goal will be valid; and some Referees will have the opposite view. Based on my experience, maybe 70% of referees will invalidate the goal and the other 30%."


In the second round of Luneng's game against Guoan, after Gerdes steals the ball, Luneng attacked and Duan Liuyu finally scored. But after VAR intervened, the referee finally determined that Gerdes fouled Li Ke first and the goal was invalid. In this regard, the authoritative person said: “According to the detailed description of VAR intervention by FIFA and the Chinese Football Association, the steal of Gerdes is indeed not a necessary condition for VAR intervention. VAR can be traced back to the anti-grab before the goal. A suspected foul, at least this has not happened in other competitions in the Super League this year."

在鲁能队对阵国安队的第二轮比赛中,格德斯抢断球之后,鲁能队进攻,段留宇最终得分。但是在VAR介入之后,裁判最终确定格德斯首先对李克犯规,并且目标无效。对此,权威人士说:“据国际足联和中国足协对无功增值干预的详细说明,盗窃戈尔德确实不是增值增值干预的必要条件。 VAR可以追溯到目标之前的反抢。怀疑犯规,至少在今年的超级联赛其他比赛中没有发生。”

However, this authority figure does not think this is a counterattack against the "thesis incident". He said: "In fact, choosing the referee, assistant referee, and VAR referee partner is a science, and it needs to take into account the tacit understanding of several referees. The understanding of the rules is consistent, etc. However, due to the turmoil in the first round of the Jinglu Battle, the Chinese Football Association decided to use foreign referees in the second round. However, affected by the epidemic this year, only Jin Xikun was found. The referee, his partner assistant referee and VAR referee are all Chinese, which is not familiar to everyone. When the referee did not make a penalty for Gerdes’ counter-robbing, if it was VAR referee Maning A familiar Chinese partner, Ma Ning may respect his opinions. But because he doesn’t know Jin Xikun, Ma Ning decided to remind him and fulfill his obligations. After receiving Maning’s tips, Jin Xikun might think that since VAR The referees have reminded that it must be a more important foul... Therefore, I think this VAR intervention is problematic, but it is indeed caused by a special reason. It cannot be attributed to the referee's attack on Luneng because of the'thesis incident'. ."

但是,这位权威人士并不认为这是对“论文事件”的反击。他说:“实际上,选择裁判,助理裁判和VAR裁判伙伴是一门科学,它需要考虑到多个裁判的默契。对规则的理解是一致的,等等。但是,由于在靖路战役的第一轮动荡中,中国足协决定在第二轮使用外国裁判员,但由于今年的流行,只发现了金锡坤,这名裁判员,他的搭档助理裁判员和VAR裁判员都是中国人,不是每个人都熟悉的。当裁判没有对Gerdes的抢劫行为判罚时,如果是VAR裁判Maning,那是一个熟悉的中国伙伴,马宁可能会尊重他的观点。认识金希坤后,马宁决定提醒他并履行他的义务,在接受了Maning的提示后,金希坤可能会认为自从VAR裁判员提醒以来,这肯定是一个更重要的犯规……因此,我认为这种VAR干预是有问题的,但这确实是由特殊原因引起的。它不能归因于“论文事件”,裁判对鲁能的攻击。 。”

Recently, a video in which referees lined up to send off Maning has aroused heated discussion. Some people interpreted it as the referees' full support for Maning who was involved in the storm. In this regard, the authoritative person said: “In fact, in the recent circumstance of constant disputes among referees in the Super League, every referee is under a lot of pressure. Because in 2015 when the Shanghai Derby was enforced, Shanghai Shenhua was shown three red cards. So this time, Ma Ning once again led the Shanghai Derby on the cusp of the storm, which attracted a lot of attention. The referees also cheered him by sending him off. Even I was preparing to send a text to Ma Ning before the game. Go and encourage, but then think about it and forget it. In the end, Ma Ning also withstood the pressure. The level of law enforcement in Shanghai Derby is obvious to all."


In the end, the authoritative person concluded: "It is true that the Chinese referee community is very united, but if united, it may be regarded as a small circle. I think a referee may have his own opinion on an event, but It澳门亚美官方平台’s not going to bring this emotion to work. The outside world says that the referees grouped against Luneng and suppressed Luneng, but many people may have forgotten that although Ai Kun blew out Fellaini’s lore goal, he was sentenced in that game. Two penalty kicks were given to Luneng, otherwise the score would not be the final 2 to 2!"


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