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Tiger Fight, September 24 News "Gazzetta dello Sport" conducted an exclusive interview with Inter Milan striker Lukaku, who also talked about his life at Inter Milan and career planning.


It took only one season for Belgian center Lukaku to conquer Inter Milan fans. Gazzetta dello Sport also conducted an exclusive interview with him recently. The following is the interview between Vertroni and Lukaku. Dialogue interview.

比利时中锋卢卡库只花了一个赛季就征服了国际米兰球迷。 Gazzetta dello Sport最近也对他进行了独家专访。以下是Vertroni和Lukaku之间的访谈。对话采访。

My father had no luck to make money. When he retired, he had no savings and no house, so I realized that there was a very serious economic crisis at home. This was also the motivation for me to become a professional player. I immediately made the decision to become a professional player. An excellent player to improve the economic conditions of the family.


Very good, this is the best country I have been to, and I like living in Italy very much. I also enjoy the love and respect the people here have for me. I have always respected others. I like to communicate with people I meet. The Italians also welcome me very much, and I am very grateful for this.


And Italian football is especially suitable for me. It has improved me in all aspects, which is very beneficial to me. I want to continue to improve. I want to do more for the team, for the coach, for the entire Inter Milan club and for the fans.


I think the most important thing is to speak with our feet and compete for the championship on the court. We have to strive for victory in every 90 minutes. I am not the kind of person who likes to say these things off the court. I prefer to use football on the court. To express yourself. I will do my best to help Inter Milan achieve a good result this year.


He is a mentor and father-like person to me, and he understands me very well, I understand him, and I am very grateful for his recognition of me. He first contacted me six years ago when he wanted to sign me to his team, so for me, playing for Conte is a dream come true.


When you see his team, you can understand the meaning of the individual and the whole. I learned a lot and grew a lot. I feel that I have made great progress last season, thanks to Conte and his coaching staff, but I think this is just the beginning, I have room for improvement, and Coach Conte is the one who can help me.


I think the joining of Vidal is very important, he is a very strong player. We did a good job last year, but we still need more strength and more experience. Vidal happens to have both of these characteristics at the same time. If he is not a player of that level, it is impossible to be able to play on different teams Have won so many championships.


For me, it was a very difficult time. After the game, I was speechless for four days. Until one day I figured it out clearly. I found new motivation for myself. Last season we lost the league by one point. The Coppa Italia stopped in the semi-finals because we failed to score goals. The Europa League final also lost 3-2. , These things will happen. Failure is the mother of success. Victory is not what it should be. It is a trait, an exploration of your limits, a morale, a desire for revenge and success. Failure makes you Learn how to win.

对我来说,这是一个非常艰难的时期。比赛结束后,我四天无语了。直到一天,我都清楚地知道了。我为自己找到了新动力。上个赛季,我们输掉了联盟一分。意大利半决赛因未能进球而未能进入半决赛。欧罗巴联赛决赛也以3-2负于对手。 ,这些事情将会发生。失败是成功之母。胜利不是应该的。这是一个特质,探索您的极限,士澳门亚美气,对复仇和成功的渴望。失败使您学习如何获胜。

If I have the ability to solve the world’s problems, then I hope to eradicate disease and poverty. Everyone in this world is equal.


Italian football pays more attention to tactics. In top competitions, you have to use your brain to find running routes. You have to be stronger when you get the ball, because there is no space and time for you to turn around. If you are a very threatening forward For example, Ibrahimovic, Dybala and Lautaro, as soon as they get the ball, there will be three people to mark, you need to get used to this, it is impossible to wait until the game starts to prepare. If we have a game on Sunday, I will study the opponent on Wednesday. I will observe the opponent’s defender’s habits and playing style, see how he stands and how he reacts to certain situations, and then I will look for it. Defensive loopholes, so I will practice every possibility in advance.


The Italian defenders are very powerful. Coulibaly is very tough. I like to play against him. I like to fight against and compete with my opponents. There are also Klavan from Cagliari, Kumbra from Verona, Bonucci and Romagnoli. Every defensive player who plays against me will be extra vigorous, and it’s the same for me because I If I want to win, the more powerful defenders I meet, the more motivated I will be. Don't be surprised by this, but the stronger the defender will make the forward stronger, because this will stimulate the potential of the forward, and he will work harder to find more opportunities on the court.

意大利的后卫非常强大。 Coulibaly非常艰难。我喜欢和他比赛。我喜欢与对手对抗并竞争。也有来自卡利亚里的Klavan,来自维罗纳的Kumbra,博努奇和Romagnoli。每个与我比赛的防守球员都将更加精力充沛,这对我来说也是一样,因为如果我想赢球,我遇到的防守者越强大,我就会越有动力。不必为此感到惊讶,但是后卫越强大,前锋就会越强壮,因为这将激发前锋的潜力,并且他会更加努力地在球场上寻找更多机会。

First of all, Barrera is already a very important player. Whether it is the Italian national team or Inter Milan, he has made great progress in the past six months. Both the technique at the feet, the physical and mental aspects are impressive. Esposito also has the opportunity to grow into a key player, but he still needs more opportunities to play. With his mentality, as long as he has more playing time, he can make great progress. In addition, I also admire Keane and Chiesa.

首先,巴雷拉已经是非常重要的球员。无论是意大利国家队还是国际米兰,他在过去六个月中都取得了长足进步。脚下的技巧,身体和精神方面都令人印象深刻。 Esposito也有机会成长为关键球员,但是他仍然需要更多的机会去比赛。以他的心态,只要他有更多的上场时间,他就能取得长足的进步。另外,我也很欣赏基恩和基耶萨。

First of all, you must remain humble, full of desire for work, stay awake, stay hungry, always have the desire to win, practice hard to achieve your ideals, fight every inch of the field on the court, and do this every moment of every game.






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